Romania in the News, Week in Review

Month in a Week

So, we’re coming up on a month since Romanian Link officially opened to the world. Amazingly enough, our expectations were surpassed in many ways, though in some we still expect a few more things to take shape.

We thought about doing a Week in Review section, because, as it turns out, there are more than enough things that are worth mentioning. Despite the fact that direct contributions to the site are still lacking, many things are being brought to our attention either through our Facebook page, or through emails. Our Facebook feed doesn’t have a chance to show the same news for more than a day, and that is terriffic. However, some of the things we get by email haven’t even had a chance to be shared with our readers, and this new section is an attempt at reconciling both.

So, here are the main things that we can brag with when it comes to the good news about Romania and the Romanians, that were brought up to our attention this past month:

  1. Picture of the week (month, in this first case):Ciorba de fasole cu ciolan afumat / Beans soup with smoked shank
    Ciorba de fasole cu ciolan afumat / Beans soup with smoked shank
    Many heart warming pictures have seen the light of our Facebook page: landscapes, people, architecture, but to this popular dish in Romanian cuisine goes the honor of the most viewed picture on our social page. If you ever happen to be in Romania, around the Sibiu area (yes, that would be Transylvania), try to get a hold of this particularly savory and filling food. Then come back here and post a reply about your experience.
  2. Powerpoint Presentation of the week: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD IT. Again, please keep in mind that Romanian Link does not claim ownership of photos/videos or other media presented herein, except where specifically mentioned. As such, the distinction fo Powerpoint presentation of the week about Romania goes to this beautiful series that shows traditional and modern sites of our country, nature and urban landscapes that are sure to delight the eye and the heart. Enjoy!
  3. Tara Fagarasului (Fagaras Land): this project continues to fascinate and warm up the hearts of those who follow it. It’s the stories of simple, beautiful people who carry on about their daily lives with pride and joy no matter what their challenges are. Alina Zara, the driving force beyond the project, keeps giving of herself and sharing the joy of her native land with the rest of the country and the world. As she moves around the area, she brings to light the heart warming stories of the new people she meets.
  4. Romanian brains: at last year’s International Math Olympiad, the Romanian team ranked the 1st in europe and the 10th in the world. How’s that for Romanian brainpower? Our youngsters brought home the gold, yet little was written or mentioned in the national press about the feat at the time. However, the online news outlets, such as have greatly repaired the mistake, by keeping the fire burning and the buzz alive about our young and capable geniuses, and the national (and international) attention caught up with their achievment, bringing them the recognition they deserved. The entire story HERE
  5. Swedish Romanian: In the context of negative feedback still alive and well about their own country, even amongst themselves, Romanians are urged to learn from yet another foreigner who fell in love with Romania: Yvette Larson fell in love with Romania in 1985 and has been our staunchest supporter all over the world. The most recent interview with her, done by RFI (Radio France Internationale), HERE
  6. Visual arts: we continue to scout for and find more news about modern artists that distinguish themselves through their originality and success, both inside the country and abroad. We brought you the news about Lia and Dan Perjovschi, two Romanian artists who were awarded the Princess Margriet Prize of the European Cultural Foundation. We started to post regular updates from Facultatea de Arte Oradea – The Arts College of Oradea, where a handful of artists go beyond learning in the traditional sense, creating new original works and setting new trends in fashion and design. And we couldn’t forget the regular updates coming from “La Blouse Roumaine” – a project that started with exhibiting traditional pieces of clothing from different areas of Romania, and is now internationally renowned and promoted even by celebrities throughout the world.
  7. Launching it right: one week from the official launch, Romanian Link facebook page had at least 1000 people reached. Looking at the map of the countries where the viewers of our page reside, we saw that we went as far as Indonesia. While most of the “likes” and social interactions come from people around the US and Europe, we are proud to add some other farther reaching parts of the world, such as the Arab Emirates and Japan. Of course, we had to brag about it in the newly redesigned web site of eBiz Miami, Inc., our “mother ship” – the company that created Romanian Link in the first place.
  8. Give feedback and stay tuned: soon we will initiate the Romanian Link newsletter, where even more good news and other opportunities will be brought to your attention. Also, please feel free to leave feedback to what you have already enjoyed or feel that is lacking on our web site.

See you next week!


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