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Romania is Rising Again

Over 15,000 people and counting

People are flooding the streets of Bucharest asking for the government to resign.

People are flooding the streets of Bucharest asking for the government to resign. Photo: Anca Nelersa

“WE WON’T LEAVE UNTIL YOU LEAVE!” – one of the slogans the protesters are chanting, asking the current government to resign.

Over 15,000 people and counting (according to TV channel) at this moment.

In the streets of Bucharest and in other cities of Romania, peaceful protesters are asking for the resignation of top Romanian officials, and an end to over 25 years of corruption at most levels of government.

“Resign! Resign! Resign!”

The protests started as a Facebook initiative by different individuals and groups. It followed the tragedy of a fire that had devastated Club Colectiv in Bucharest this past Friday. 31 young people were burned or asphyxiated to death in mere seconds, hundreds more are in the hospitals of Bucharest with life threatening burns, in critical condition.

Mirroring the national sentiment, social media has been brimming with malcontent towards the corruption of the officials in charge of vetting entertainment venues (such as Club Colectiv) from the point of view of fire safety. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Romania has been in a state of “one hand washes the other” and “laissez-faire” for 25 years, where bribery, corruption and abuse of power have become the norm in all aspects of life.

People are sick and tired of it. They want a drastic change. They are holding the local and national top officials responsible, asking for their resignation. The protesters are circulating a list of demands for immediate measures that will improve the civil society.

Romania is rising again. The people have been trying, through protests, to change for the better the status quo in a country where law and legislators are part of the problem.

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